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Having completed my English with Creative Writing degree at Falmouth University, I have now begun working as a full time Freelance Writer/Illustrator.

I also work as a professional proofreader/editor. My work has ranged from children books, to Brazilian Tales and Legends.

I also enjoy painting and seeking expression in different styles and forms. Although proficient in oil pastels, I am currently exploring the digital side of art. You will find that my writing tends to lean towards the fictitious, embracing the fantastic in life and attempting to capture the invisible.

It was a joy to work with Mandy, my work involving creating the front, back cover and spine; editing and proofreading her manuscript and formatting and publishing her finished book on createspace, Amazon and Kindle.

“This book is for the women who have had the privilege and honour to serve their husbands or partners, their children, other family members & work colleagues … but now have the burning desire to serve THEMSELVES!

This is for the woman who wants to write a new chapter in her own life – this time serving herself FIRST and having the courage to follow her heart and explore her own truth. This is for the woman who feels stuck, dead inside and spiritually alone. This is for the woman who craves to find her REAL self, buried deep down inside.

Sometimes you are given the best opportunities in life … but you just don’t see them! You live life day to day completely oblivious of the messages being given to you from the people and the environment around you. It’s easy to concentrate on all the doom & gloom of life … until something happens that makes you STOP! And take a closer look at how you are spending your time on this precious experience called “Life”.

Nothing ever stays still – even the planet moves! – You are always slowly evolving, but the question is, are you evolving in a healthy and refreshing way? Or are you caught up in your old known and familiar habitual patterns?

This book weaves together real-life experiences and step by step guidelines in creating a better more fulfilling life. From the humble beginnings of living on a caravan site, to exploring a different community in the middle east, to experiencing life in North America, the deserts of Africa and the frosty peaks of the Himalayas, I have lived my life through the wise words of my parents ‘You can be anything you want’.

If you resonate with any of the above, then this book is for you!”

Available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/This-Your-Time-Mandy-Rawsthorne/dp/1981119892/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515360755&sr=1-2&keywords=this+is+your+time


I worked closely with Richard Whitehead on his new book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? Creating the front, back cover and spine.

“There are some bright and creative people who thrive in conventional learning environments. There are others – just as bright and creative – who do not. For too long, our educational systems have been unable to comprehend how dyslexics think and, therefore, how they learn.


What is more, by failing to engage with the innovative traits of the dyslexic mind, our schools are missing priceless opportunities to enrich the learning of all.


‘Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?” takes as its starting point a curious phenomenon: the mistakes made by many dyslexic readers on small, common words. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge and research, and with especial regard to the work of Ronald Davis, this is a book of know-how about dyslexia that empower teachers, parents and dyslexics alike. Compelling insights into the workings of the dyslexic mind are coupled with proven practical strategies, exemplified through scripted examples of teaching modules.”

Available at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Tyrannosaurus-But-Not-Blueprint/dp/1912355000/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515360589&sr=1-1&keywords=why+tyrannosaurus+but+not+if

Worked with Buck Jones on Vindicator – The Humans Breakout, creating the front cover and a series of other illustrations and designs.

“This is the story of a ship called the Vindicator and Nathan Delves. Nathan is a scientist and an inventor. He found a way to make cold fusion a reality. That made him very rich. With his riches and his mind he found the time to run more experiments and perfect an anti-gravity drive. With the help of several expert people he built a space ship called the Vindicator. Those people became friends and lived through the so called Rapture because of that craft. Aliens took over half the world’s population while he and his crew were sitting on the moon in their ships maiden voyage. The story just gets better from there. Nathan and his friends really got to work! Think! What would happen if you could get some of the smartest people in the world to solve the world’s problems? Problem the rest of the world may not even know they have. Space battles and the colonization of Mars all happen until the . . . well I don’t want to give it all away.”

Available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vindicator-Humans-Breakout-Buck-Jones/dp/1365695158


Review: “Michael Did a good job and I’m happy with my new book cover. Michael was great at taking direction and worked quickly.”

I worked closely with Mary Taylor on her new book The Truth Shall Set You Free, creating the front/back cover and spine.

She is also the writer of Prayers To Command Your Days.

“If you don’t know what the Bible says or what it says about you, you’ll fall prey to deception. This inspiring book describes how to effectively interpret the Bible. It’s not meant to be controversial; however, it will be contrary to many religious teachings you have ever heard. Yet it is my responsibility to teach. It is not my intention to do a comprehensive study of the Bible. Religious ideas about Scriptures have held the body of Christ in bondage because the enemy has perverted their minds to the great truths in the word of God. The enemy steals what you do not understand. God designed His word to give you everything for life and godliness. His word works and knows no time or distance. This book will shed light on the real meaning of many misunderstood scriptures in the Bible by rightly dividing the word of God.”

Available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Truth-Shall-Set-You-Free/dp/1483576949

Review: “Michael was very patient and listened to every direction. He’s a man of his word. I highly recommend him. Michael is patient and willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done correctly. I would surely hire him again.

As part of a team, I worked as a story and script writer for the online rpg Age of Shurikens. Creating an enticing background story in which the player could navigate and carry his chosen actions was my primary purpose. All in-game writing, from character speech to item descriptions were part of my work. If you are interested in more information, or would like to play the game yourself, you can find it at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/584988

I also worked as an Illustrator for Penryn Press. Alongside engaging short stories, I created compelling paintings to captivate the eye of children and adult alike in “Did You Know There Are Dragons In Cornwall?”. If you wish to find out more information, or purchase the book, you can find their website here : Penryn Press

My art can also be found in The Mind’s Eye Project, a zine dedicated to mental health and its exploration through the expression of visual and literary mediums. You can find more information here: Mind’s Eye Project