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Project updates, art and writing, to tips and offers.


It’s been a while since my last post, so realized it was high time to submit an update. Since finishing university I’ve had a good start in the freelancing business, with book covers, proofreading and illustrations being completed, while also publishing a few of my own works. What is more exciting though, are my plans for the upcoming future! Now that my website is properly updated, I will aim to keep a steady flow of commissions, prints and speed painting videos coming. I will also endeavor to start an “offers” page, where you can buy paintings and art at a discount price! Alongside finally finishing my book, there is a short story in the works, and hopefully, a comic book in the distant future! I will endeavor to write more posts as these projects come into fruition, so keep... read more

The Odd Birds

I thought I would share my latest project, a children’s book! The Odd Birds is a fictional children’s book aimed at ten to twelve years old in the steampunk/fantasy genre which embraces, as the first in a series, weird and wondrous worlds. Alongside illustrations, the book portrays the relationship between a mother and her daughter as they journey in their sky-ship in the hope of discovering the origin of a mysterious egg they found one morning. From a grumpy old crow who communicates with a giant tree, to an elephant bird whose head can reach into space, their travel takes them further from home as they journey out of their world. Exploring the solar system and its inhabitants, the mother, the daughter and a clever cat encounter many odd... read more

Dragon Dash

Currently Working as writer and background illustrator for an upcoming app game. Here are a few sneak concept paintings I did for the... read more


Having now completed my final year at Falmouth University, I leave with a strong 2:1! Was also able to complete some work for the English end of year zine, featuring my painting A Knight and a Lion as title page, and my painting and accompanying poem Theurgy within the... read more

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