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 As far to go without endings to see,

Ashen flower of earth, now lie with me.


Keep your tongue your lies your comforting tales,

To live my life free, let nothing grow stale.


Even the tree which grows tall shreds its bark,

Like the sun which sets leaves the world in dark.


I captured the night, the withering gale,

I’ll capture the right to live long, to fail.


You are still young yet so old you have grown,

The time is soon for you to come back home.


Leave me, let me drive ahead my own death,

For I long I need not feel my last breath.


Death Pt. 1

So smooth so long with so many knots,

I tie I tied them strong.

Yet thin and fragile to cut short,

Like the fates of heaven

The scissors decide, they take the shot.

A picture taken always leaves a mark.

To see my past,

To see my last moment,

In death sweet mystery is given.


A final bow need not be long.


I’ve packed my suitcase.

Don’t look for me,

I’m already gone.


Stillness Pt. 2

Like rivers rushing towards the ever shifting sea,

I let the lake, the empty void, the completed whole

Greet me like a vessel, a holy bowl,

My eyes are open, the darkness I can finally see.

The hidden pearls, the marriage I signed from you to me,

You long waited, you are my final goal,

I left my dead skin, my empty doll,

To return to the cycle, to sit on deaths knee.

What desire is left but to just be?

The air that fills my lungs,

The food on my tongue,

From that and more I am now free.

Now close the curtains, shut the gate,

My home is closed, no need to wait.


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