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As an avid reader of fantasy, my writing aims to explore the relationship between magic and reality. While currently working on a children’s book following the travels of a mother and her daughter and their journey across the universe, I am also in the middle of finishing a science fiction short story exploring an astronomer’s incredible discovery. Yet, throughout both of these projects, I always aim to experiment with ideas in the form of short stories and poetry. This page will showcase my work and hopefully give a taste of what is to come.

If you are interested in more literary writing, you can find some of my latest essays on English literature within the Grin platform.

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My Own: Another New Day.

A poem I wrote a while ago, but is also now featured in the third issue of the Mind’s Eye Magazine.


Short story following the journey of a lone traveller, adventuring through a cold and harsh landscape of ice and snow. What will one find hidden among the icicles and white dunes of the frosted desert?

Poems on Death

These poems feature in Dheu // panes, an experimental film which explores death and its acceptance.


This poem was written for my university’s end of year zine, and is meant to be placed alongside my Theurgy painting.